Everyone else leave immediately.

Melbourne is hosting the second annual Chicken Nugget Festival at Welcome To Thornbury, that huge food truck park in Northcote. 

Last year’s festival saw 10,000 people grace the park to sample some nugs, with 50,000 consumed over one single weekend. You could make a house with that many nuggies, maybe.

There’s tons of hot chicken Lords that’ll be in attendance, like Roadrunner Fried Chicken, Maverick n Goose, Those Guys Food, Mr Burger, Belles Hot Chicken and Hansby’s Nuglife – all making their own variation of the chicken nugget for you.

Doors open at 12pm on Saturday the 21st and Sunday 22nd July, so get in for lunch if you wanna sample all the goods and not miss out bc a truck runs out.

Image: Getty Images