Max Brenner Will Coat Anything You Want In Chocolate For World Choccy Day

Say what you will about the cruel and indifferent market forces of capitalism, at least they force companies to try increasingly ludicrous things to get you to spend money there. I assume that (now that they can’t save money with extensive wage rorts) 7-Eleven primarily survives because, one day a year, you can bring in and fill up a clawfoot bathtub with iced confection drink for the low, low price of a buck.
In a similar but vastly more tempting fashion, chocolate wizards Max Brenner are offering to drizzle anything you like in melted chocolate, but for the even lower price of exactly zero dollars.
What could you possibly bring in to have drizzled in chocolate, I hear you ask? Let me flip that question around: what couldn’t you bring in to have drizzled in chocolate?
The suggestions that Max Brenner themselves have offered up include: homework, a jam sandwich, a magazine, avo toast, a surfboard, a burger, your boss, and – interestingly – your grandmother. Please note, we at P.TV do not condone covering your grandma in melted chocolate, unless she very clearly expresses that that’s what she wants.
Pictured: …something. Something is definitely pictured here. (Source: Supplied)
The promotion is in celebration of World Chocolate Day, and I urge you to make your way down to your nearest Max Brenner on July 7th with anything you either would want to eat with chocolate on it or hate so much you want it to intractably covered in chocolate.
Photo: Supplied.