Lil Yachty, A Man Of Fine Taste, Got Macca’s Delivered To A Fancy-Ass Restaurant

If there’s anything that’s a hell of A Mood™ it’s the knowledge that Lil Yachty, a man with lots of money and literally has diamonds in his mouth with his “six-figure teeth“, got McDonald’s delivered to a very nice set-menu dinner.

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The 21-year-old rapper might have more money than he can poke a jewel-encrusted stick at, but he’s not above taking his meals into his own hands when nothing sticks out to him on the menu at a fancy-ass club.

While out celebrating the 40th birthday of Quality Control Music‘s CEO, Pierre ‘P’ Thomas, in Las Vegas, Lil’ Yachty decided to get a Hot n’ Spicy McChicken delivered to the club by UberEats, because he didn’t fuck with anything on the set menu.

I mean, the menu only offered fresh sushi, wagyu beef, lobster wontons, pad thai, orange chicken, and miso glazed sea bass on it, so yeah you can understand why he instead opted for a greasy spicy burger instead. It’s an obvious choice.

Yachty was seated across from Quavo, who took deep pleasure in shaming him for ordering in Macca’s to the high rollers club, zooming in on him with the paper bag and burger wrappers. Bit rich, considering Yachty stung him trying to sneak a bite.

There’s definitely a fair few punters in the comments also jumping in on roasting Lil Yachty here, telling him that his palate needs to “grow up” and that he doesn’t know how good he has it with a menu like that on offer.

Nah, screw that. You all know how hard it is to ignore the siren’s song of the golden arches. Maybe Lil Yachty was feeling a little dusty? Or he was just really craving a dirty burg? I wholeheartedly endorse the ability to order fast food to a 40th, Yachty. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

And now, I want to try this Hot n Spicy McChicken. Give it to me, Mickey D’s.