Lemon Lords Suntory Minus 196 Are Bringing A *Checks Notes* 12M-Tall Vending Machine To Syd

Landing in Tumbalong Park on October 15 for SXSW® Sydney is Suntory Minus 196’s Extreme Vending Machine. But it’s not just filled with air, this three-storey-high vending machine will give you a sneak peek into the world of the wildly popular Japanese RTD.

On the ground floor, we’ve got the Double Lemon Garden – while the weather starts to (slowly) warm up, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a can of Minus 196, and wonder how your life led you here.

Once you step inside, the machine is complete with some original tech that shows the cool process Suntory Minus 196 goes through to end up as the delicious beverage we all know and love. Did you know it’s created by freezing fruit to a pretty icy -196 degrees, and then is all crushed and zhuzhed up to create that perfect flavour?

If that doesn’t sound cool enough, the rooftop bar will also have scrumptious views of Tumbalong Park – there’ll be a DJ blasting all of your fave tunes, and a menu jam-packed with killer Japanese snacks and of course Suntory Minus 196. That’s not all though! The shōchū lords over there are keen to fling a few of you tickets to a VIP experience right on the roof of the 12M machine.

Now here’s what you need to do. There’ll be a few posters plastered across Sydney with Minus 196’s unique yellow tinge. All you have to do is scan the QR code on them, and you could be chilling with four mates on top of a makeshift supersized vending machine in the park! How often do you get to say that?

Head down there from the 15th-22nd October to cop a peek at the makeshift landmark. It’s open from midday till 10pm, so you’ll have time to head there for an after-work bev.