The Star Gold Coast and their Garden Kitchen & Bar have managed to get their grubby little mitts on Australia’s first Moët & Chandon vending machine, home to 495 ice-cold 200ml mini-Moëts.

Drop a $29 gold Moët & Chandon-branded token in the slot and you’ve got a stew going moments later you’ll be popping the cork (whee!) and attaching a gold sipper to your bb champers, so it’s like you’re drinking from a tiny champagne flute, instead of chugging straight out of a tiny bottle of Yellow

And don’t fret about your bottle being dropped, stuck or shaken up on its way to ya, we’re talking about one of those careful new vending machines, almost gentler to the bottle than when your bartender tries to do sick tricks while serving you. 

Fancy pants at Selfridges in London first started the trend back in 2013, selling bottles adorned by miniature Swarovski crystals for a whopping £18 a pop, before more machines were rolled out in New Orleans and Vegas this year. But from Saturday, it’s our turn to drink like we can afford dinner.

If you catch someone bashing against the side hoping for a freebie, please don’t tell on me.  

The Star Gold Coast is at 1 Casino Drive Broadbeach.  

Photo: Supplied

Source: The Urban List