Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Food Delivery Habits Are Like Yours, But Rich

Celebrities! They’re just like us! They love to order in food when they can’t be assed to cook, or their in-house personal chefs cbf to cook (???), and when we find out about their takeout habits its always a moment of “ahhh this big-name celeb is just as depraved and lazy as I am” and I’m very happy to report that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend fall squarely into this category.

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Last time we found out that Post Malone spent a genuinely concerning $56k in 400 days, and this month US delivery/courier company PostMates has dipped into the eating habits of the ever-relatable Legend-Teigen clan. Folks, they’re just like us – except they can afford to order like 3x more, and probably from restaurants with at least three dollar signs ($$$).

According to the data from John’s account – there’s a reason why the company calls this The Receipt – Chrissy, John and the kids are fiends for a delivered feed.

For the past two years, the Legend/Teigen family has ordered a Maccas feed on Christmas Eve, because who doesn’t want to eat nuggets in the warm and fuzzy glow of the Christmas tree’s lights? The fam also tend to get take-out phở from a local Vietnamese joint on the day before Thanksgiving, because they want something a bit different before the traditional turkey-and-pumpkin-pie day.

It also turns out Chrissy Teigen bloody loves a good steak sauce – the American classic A-1 Steak Sauce is her go-to and once she accidentally ordered 25 bottles of the stuff.

John told the PostMates team that she’ll put it on any steak no matter the price, and “no matter how blasphemous that is to steak people.” The woman knows what she wants and it’s god damned steak sauce.

And to round out the year, John and Chrissy have ordered chicken wings from Hooters as a last-meal-of-the-year on New Year’s Eve. To be honest, these are all food-related family traditions that I can extremely get around.