Be Amazed By This Private Chef In Ottawa Who Whips Up Farm-To-Table Feasts

Jean-Phillipe Cloutier

You know what keeps me up at night? Wondering whether or not “My compliments to the chef” actually got back to said chef. Does he / she know how much they changed my life? That they are the sole reason I recommend the restaurant to anyone who’ll listen? Should I DM management and make sure they get a sufficient salary bump and overall recognition? I just don’t know.

My point is, chefs do so much work to create beautifully delicious meals for us plebs who otherwise cannot, and I’m not sure they know how grateful we truly are. Take Jean-Phillipe Cloutier, for example. He’s a private chef in Canada’s primo location of Ottawa, who literally whips up farm-to-table feasts and that is damn amazing.

Watch this video below to get a look inside his life: