Ikea Is Trialling Veggo Hot Dogs For You To Shove In Your Filthy Couch-Purchasing Mouth

Huge news, vegans and vegetarians: if the one thing rendering your Ikea experience incomplete was the taste of an almost untenably affordable hot dog purchased after hours of wandering through a maze of Swedish furniture and impulse buying small plastic objects of inscrutable purpose, it seems your experience shan’t remain incomplete for much longer.

In a post to their Instagram, the flatpack geniuses at Ikea announced that they’re trialling a meat-free version of their hot dogs. Early impressions are that it is extremely colourful:


Their first trial has been with a vegetarian one, but a spokesperson told Mashable that the end product will be vegan:

The recipe is vegetarian, but for the test production sold at the Malmö store we were not able to secure that all ingredients in the test production were 100% vegan. Our aim is for the final product to be made using a vegan recipe.

It’s currently being trialled at their Malmö store only, with a view towards being launched across all their European stores by August this year, which I imagine will eventually trickle over the ocean to us, here on our isolated prison Island.

The hot dog is part of a broader effort to include more veggo stuff in the menu which is, IMHO, pretty dope.