Chow Down On A Bunch of Meatballs At IKEA’s 3-Day Design Festival Next Week

It’s pretty much a rite of passage that when you move house, an IKEA trip is on the cards. So let’s be honest: the opportunity to feast your eyeballs on all the never-before-seen new stuff coming to the showroom floor soon is enticing as heck.

For the first time, IKEA’s Democratic Design Days Festival is coming to Australia, and there’s gonna be a ton of panels, activities and talks that you’ll wanna get around.

The Design Days kick off on the 27th of August and TBH we’re already fanging for some of those delicious Swedish meatballs. Seriously, I crave them.

Seats are already going quick, so if you want to grab a red hot plate of balls for a good cause then you better get in soon. It’s all part of an initiative called Donate By Plate, where all the proceeds go to Foodbank Australia.

You can choose between $20, $25 and $30 options as you chill out with a cheeky view of Sydney Harbour – with an IKEA cocktail in hand as you partake in the three-course meal, obviously. Head on over to IKEA’s website for more info once you’re done staring longingly at these meatballs.

Look at those juicy bois

As someone who has structured their room in what I like to describe as as ‘musical-theatre-meets-gaming nerd cave chic’, I’m beyond ready to be schooled at the talk on how to best assemble a gamer’s battleground room, hosted by Marcus Engman (IKEA Head of Design), Tommy Ingemarsson (Founder of Area Academy) and Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell (Twitch streamer).

And ya know, following that up with a party where you can go head-to-head with pals at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Just Dance while sipping IKEA cocktails and chowing down on a meatball or seven – well, that’s just icing on the unpronounceable but stylish cake. Reckon you can beat the champs? Get your tix here.

I dunno about you, but considering the last time I experienced the bliss of new IKEA furniture my mother banished me to the corner of my room while she gleefully created the masterpieces, I’m pretty stoked to be able to get amongst it.

While eating the meatballs. Obviously.

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