Holy Shit, Bar Luca’s Opening Up A DIY Burg Joint In Syd’s Inner West

Hold the phone. HOLD THE GOD DAMN PHONE.

Undisputed kings of the burg (yes, I’m calling it) Bar Luca are officially putting up shop in Sydney‘s inner west suburb of Newtown really bloody soon with a new venture for them – make your own burgers, fries, and hotdogs.

Loaded by BL will be moving into the spot where Jack’s Burgers once was – prime pozzie across from the Marly Bar and a scoot away from Newtown Hotel – and will be dishing out their DIY delicacies from October 23.

How does it work? Well, think like a subway or something similar; you choose your base (burg, dawg, tater tots, onion rings, mac ‘n cheese, corn chips, or fries), and then you chuck on whatever toppings you like. Want peanut butter and pickles on a hot dog? Mate, nobody’s gunna stop you. You live your own life and make your own choices.

[quietly weeps into burger]
(Credit: Instagram / @barlucasydney)

BL parents, Sarah & James Robbins, decided that their new venture needed to be a step away from their existing iconic burger joints, but still keep the connection of being heart-stoppingly wild. Sarah spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV about their upcoming move into the Inner West.

James and I have had the concept idea for a while and when we saw the site at Newtown was available we knew it would be perfect so we jumped on it. We wanted to slightly step away from burgers while still staying true to our style of food and giving people the option to go as crazy or as simple as they want.

It’s truly the choose your own adventure of comfort foods. Will you end up with onion rings slathered in kimchi, fried egg, and three different sauces and question literally every move you made that resulted in you doing this? Yeah, probably.

Much like BL, Loaded will have weekly specials that will likely be absolutely off-tilt boonta. They’ll be starting with a different base each time, from waffles to onion rings, and concocting loaded creations that in theory probably sound like really weird pairings but will v likely cause a luttle party in your mouth where everyone’s having a big smewch and you’re also there.

I can’t wait to dive face-first into some loaded treats, mates. I’ll shout a beer for the most cooked creation, promise.