Spice Up Your Drab Work Lunch With This Damn-Fine Health Bowl Recipe

With the rise of grouse gastronomical influences in recent years, no one in their right mind could argue that ‘healthy food’ doesn’t taste mighty fine. In fact, using locally-sourced, fresh and seasonal produce undeniably yields a meal far tastier than something you’d score from a drive-thru situation.

Healthy food trends flood our feeds on the reg because of this, and hey, they’re a trend for a reason. Like, whoever was responsible for transforming the public perception of kale from decorative greenery in the shop front of a butcher (y’know, to make an already sexy cut of lamb look sexier and whatnot) into a superfood is a bloody marketing genius.

But those kale-obsessive days are over folks, as are a whole heap of trends from food’s past. Now we’re living/loving the golden age of the ~health bowl~, and at the risk of sounding aggressively basic, we can’t help but admit that we’re here for it.

So much, in fact, that we’ve made a video depicting our own take on this soon-to-be classic. Yep, this health bowl ft. some spring lamb and other assorted goodies is sure to shake things up on the boring office lunch game front. Check it out below.

RIP, crappy lunches worldwide. You shan’t be missed.