Take A Peek At All The Gelato Messina Treats Hitting The Syd Night Noodle Markets

The mouthwatering menu for the 15th annual Sydney Night Noodle Markets have landed, and with that comes the general intrigue of what the fuck Gelato Messina is going to bring to the hawker-style food festival. For 2019, they’re going full tropical with Thai-inspired treats. Think fruits, bananas, shaved ice, and sweetened condensed milk.

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Inspired by the hectic nights of Thailand’s full moon parties, Messina’s creative minds have pulled together four humidity-busting treats that are chockas full of tropical flavours, sticky syrups and milks, jellies, and deep-friend fruits.

The ‘Eye Of The Thai-ger’ is a refreshing parfait with a bit of sticky sweetness and features condensed milk pudding with condensed milk crumble, lychee and sala shaved ice, lychee gelato, and rainbow jellies.

messina night noodle market
YUUUUM. (Image: Supplied)

If you’re a fan of the ol’ ice cream sanga, Gelato Messina has concocted the ‘Bangkok Banana’ –  a Thai milk tea cheesecake sandwiched between tea sponge, dipped in Italian meringue and sprinkled with desiccated coconut, which frankly sounds entirely illegal and I must have one. I’m furious, this sounds so delicious.

messina night noodle market
Look at this fucken thing, I want one. (Image: Supplied)

The cheeky ‘Phuket Bucket’ goes all-in on the textural delights of street food, with a crispy banana fritter sitting atop a scoop of caramelised palm sugar banana gelato, coconut and lime Chantilly cream, and a crunchy peanut crumble. As someone who really doesn’t like banana, I’m actually kinda drooling over this. Maybe it’s the peanut crumble? I don’t know, but it’s doing things to me.

I hate banana but this could turn me. (It won’t.)

Finally, if you’re like me and a total fiend for a bowl of good sticky coconut rice (I could eat that shit on its own and be very happy), the ‘Coco Phangan’ is a fruity mango sorbet plonked on top of coconut sticky rice with salted coconut sauce, and toasted coconut flakes. Quite possibly a masterstroke from the team at Gelato Messina.

messina noodle markets
Me, thinking about that coconut rice.

Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets kicks off on Friday, October 11, and goes through until the 18th, so there’s plenty of time for you to go back multiple times to try all of the desserts, or just get one of each in one stop at the Gelato Messina truck. Do what you like, I’m not your mum.