Messina Is Bringing Back Its Top 40 Greatest Hits For Another Round Of Delicious Yum Tubs

messina greatest hits 2021

Lords of the sweets, Gelato Messina, have been bloody busy over the last 18 months, delivering us week after week of tasty treats to make sure this whole staying-at-home business isn’t too much of a punish. Over the years, there have definitely been some cold, hard fan favourites. So, they’ve collated the top 40 flavs once again, for us sugar gremlins to scoff down at home.

Just like last year’s release of the Greatest Hits, Messina will be freshly churning the flavours that blew up the dessert company’s DMs or sold out like a hot cookie pie on a cold locked-down weekend.

We’re talking treats like the Triple Whammy of Milo gelato filled with Nutella fudge and Oreo cookies, or the Lamington which just about does what it says on the lid.

The full list of 40 flavours is yet to be released but from what we’ve been teased on Instagram, they look bloody delicious.

Fingers crossed some of the more rogue flavours hit the list this year, like 2017’s So Wrong It’s Right – cream cheese and caramel gelato with white chocolate potato chips and caramel sauce – or the Heisenburg which was a blueberry yoghurt gelato with crystallised violets. Gimme that weird flavour combos that shouldn’t work but somehow do, for it’s what we deserve.

And my god if there’s no peabut flavour, I’m going to do a big yell.

messina greatest hits 2021
I spy some yum tubs in here. [Image: Gelato Messina]
Messina’s Top 40 Greatest Hits will be up for ordering from Monday, July 26 through the company’s mailing list, with pints churned and packed to order. If you’re quick enough to get your hands on a pint or three, you’ll be able to pick them up from select stores between July 30 and August 1st.

You’ll be able to pick up your selection of pints from stores up and down the east coast, including Rosebery, Tramsheds, Bondi, Darlinghurst, Parramatta and Brighton Le Sands in NSW, Fitzroy and East Brunswick in VIC, South Brisbane in QLD, and Braddon in the ACT.


The 40 flavours up for grabs have been unleashed and hoo boy these are some devilishly-delicious flavours to choose from. Come Monday, you’ll be able to select freshly-made pint tubs of:

  • A Milky Way Day
  • Bangin’ On Peter’s Drum
  • Breakfast In Canberra
  • Caramel Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tiramisu
  • Cremino
  • Dark Side
  • Do Yourself A Flavour
  • Dr. Evil
  • Drop It Like White Choc
  • Fairy Bread
  • Finger Bun
  • Giant’s Milk
  • Gorgeous Dave
  • Have A Gay Old Time
  • Hodor
  • Jon Snow
  • Just Like A Milkshake
  • Lamington
  • Mango Pancake
  • Messina’s Momofukup
  • Milomisu
  • Montgomery’s Goldmine
  • Musk Sorbet
  • Number Two
  • NYC Plus
  • Pavlova
  • Peach Bellini
  • Robert Blondie Jr.
  • Robert Brownie Jr.
  • Sir Connor
  • Spill The Tea
  • Sticky First Date
  • Super Duper Dulce De Leche
  • The Boss’s Wife
  • Tribute
  • Triple Whammy
  • Twixed
  • You Cannoli Live Once
  • You Make Me Unicorny

The question here is – how can I cram 40 tubs of gelato into my freezer? Stuffed if I know tbh.