Cop A Free Eleven-Inspired Ice Cream Sanga For Yr ‘Stranger Things’ Viewing Party

In this wide, weird universe, there are just things that go together so well. Cookies and cream, B1 and B2, nuts and gum, Eleven and her precious Eggo waffles, a binge-watch sesh and copious sweet snacks.

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To go alongside your viewing party of the third season of Stranger Things, Baskin-Robbins has created Eleven’s Waffle Sandwich, and plan to give away 1985 sammies to sweet-toothed punters. Why 1985? Because that’s the year the third instalment of the adventures of Hawkins’ Ratbags is set.

Eleven’s Waffle Sandwich is extremely what it sounds like – a hark back to the holdable iced treats of summers gone by, featuring two fresh, chocolate-dipped waffle cone slabs as the bread and your choice of a classic ice cream sandwiched in. It’s like a choc-top ice cream from the cinema, but you can eat it at home in your undies if you so please. Bet you can’t do that at the movies without making a scene.

Let it be known that I will absolutely be going for a god damned Hokey Pokey ice cream sanga. If you’re gunna go 80s, you gotta go full 80s, my friends.

You’ll be able to cop one from 5pm through the special Scoops Ahoy store on UberEats when Stranger Things drops on July 4 (that’s Thursday!) and put in for the delivery fee. As long as you’re one of the first 1985 people to put their hand up for an ice cream sandwich, you’re absolutely set for your Upside Down viewing party.

The Scoops Ahoy shop will be serving up a bunch of other Hawkins-inspired sweet treats that I’m sure Eleven and the gang would be deeply into, including the Shadow Cone (charcoal waffle cone, dipped in chocolate and smothered in blood-red sprinkles), the Mind Flayer Macaron (Love Potion 31 ice cream, sandwiched between two crisp, black macaron shells, rolled in black and red choc crispies) and the Demogorgon Sundae, which looks something like this:


Lean right into the 80s snack vibes while you lust over Steve Harrington‘s hair and Billy Hargove‘s everything on Thursday, and be thankful that Stranger Things isn’t set in the 70s, because it could very well have ended up as a mortifying 70s dinner party.