Ex-Doughnut Time Employees Are Hitting Out With Accusations Of Unpaid Wages

There’s definite trouble afoot in the sweet treat game, with workers hit by Doughnut Time‘s sudden decision to close half its stores lashing out at company management over a raft of unpaid wage claims.

Yesterday the story broke about how the burgeoning dessert empire suffered a severe case of Icarus syndrome and flew too close to the sugary sun, with company found Damian Griffiths suffering the consequences of expanding far too quickly, forcing a hasty sale of the company to CEO Dan Strachotta in a bid to avoid serious legal backlash.

That legal backlash largely pertains to claims of unpaid wages made by employees to Fair Work – a sum of owed money that totals some $70,000+ – and it’s those employees that are giving the company an absolute whack all across social media this afternoon.

With scores of pokey, small-space stores now closed up for good, the people who staffed them are not going quietly into the good night.

At the closed-down QVB store in central Sydney a hand-drawn sign has appeared on the doors, alleging Doughnut Time had not paid employees in weeks and summarily fired everyone virtually overnight.


Employees on Facebook are venting their frustrations about withheld wages too, which includes the company ceasing payment of superannuation.

In what’s an even-worse look for the company’s on-going fortunes, it would appear that the Doughnut Time Facebook page has been pulled down altogether, amid charges of deleting comments and posts from people demanding staff be paid.

For the time being, 7 of the company’s locations will reportedly remain open. Though all Sydney locations have now been erased from the Doughnut Time website.