Donut King Is Donating $$ To Charity For Every Donut Box Sold In March So Indulge For A Cause

Donut King

There’s no pleasure more grand and indulgent than chomping down on a hot cinnamon donut. Honestly, I can’t think of any culinary experience more special than having the crispy, sugar-coated exterior contrast with the fluffy, cloud-like interior of a freshly fried cinni as it touches your lips.

If the thought of that simply tantalises you, we have some great news.

Donut King (AKA, the OG lords of hot cinnis) is donating $1 to charity for every box of donuts purchased during March as part of a partnership with LIVIN to raise funds and awareness for mental health. Donut King will also be releasing a bunch of LIVIN-themed donuts throughout March to highlight just how damn important a cause mental health awareness is, including turning their famous hot cinnamon donuts red.

They’ll be running this promotion across all stores nationally, so run-don’t-walk to your local shopping centre and follow the scent of sweet, frying dough to the beautiful, pink oasis.

I mean, look at ’em. How could you deny yourself the pleasure of chomping down on one of these bad boys? 

Donut King will also equip all of their shop staff with the tools to manage their mental health by putting teams through LIVIN’s LIVINWell program. While we all know having a chin-wag with co-workers can be a rejuvenating experience, actually having coping mechanisms to voice when you’re not doing well in the workplace is essential.

LIVIN’s mission is to end all stigma around mental illness. They do this by delivering educational programs to schools and workplaces around the country, connecting people with resources in their communities and hosting events and podcasts with the aim of opening the discussion around mental health. If you’re keen to learn more about what they do, you can head to their website here.

So, if you’re keen on partaking in a bit of self-care (scoffing a pack of hot donuts with a coffee in hand) while passing on a little bit of goodwill ($$ to charity), head to your local DK and grab a box this month for yourself/housemates/co-workers/soccer team etc.

I’d highly recommend grabbing a cappuccino or milkshake to round out the meal, too, if you really are serious about your donut eating experience.