Both Chicken Nugget And Apple Pie Chips Exist Now & That’s A Well-Rounded Meal, Thanks

Chippie fiends, lend me your ears. I come to you with the good word that two new flavours of chip have landed in your local shops, and they sound equally delicious and utterly cursed. Coles has unleashed chicken nugget chippies for those who are slugs for nugs (?) and apple pie chips for those with a sweet tooth that want to completely bend their own brains.

Not ones to be shy of tastebud-confusing treats (remember the hot cross bun popcorn or the burger sauce chips?) Coles has brought another couple of confusing flavour and texture combos to the party. The two flavours are hanging around for a good time, not a long time, with both the chicken nugget and apple pie chips being very much limited edition snacks.

coles chicken nugget chips
The moment I hoover a whole bag.

Coming in at a very tidy $3 a bag, these snacks could pretty much just be dinner and dessert, if you convinced yourself well enough. Maybe find some of those Atomic Tomato Samboys to be the sauce for your nuggie chips and off you go. That’s a meal, baby.

I’m deeply intrigued by the apple pie chips, I’ll admit. I thought they might have been like dried and fried slices of apple with spiced sugar on them or something. But nope, it’s actual potato chippie with a dusting of apple pie-inspired flavours to really tie it all together in some incredible sweet-and-salty situation.

chicken nugget chips coles

Bags of the limited edition mash-up flavours can be found at your local Coles right now, so go on, treat yourself to a chippie dinner. You’ve earned it – and there are absolutely no rules to this year anymore.

Hell, just coat chicken nuggets with crunched up chicken nugget chips, and sprinkle apple pies with apple pie chip crumbs. Who cares! Go wild, ’tis the year for it.