Bundy Rum-Flavoured Iced Coffee Is In QLD Now If You Yearn For The Nectar Over Smoko

Probably can’t get more Queensland than this one folks. Keen eyes in the top end of the country have spied bottles of Bundaberg Rum-flavoured iced coffee getting around the traps.

[jwplayer NQjBCmN6]

Ice Break iced coffee, the undisputed nectar of the tradie gods, has unleashed a limited edition flav that incorporates the notes of the finest rum that the Aussie dollar can buy: Bundaberg Rum.

Surely the Venn diagram of ‘Bundy Rum lovers’ and ‘bottled ice coffee lovers’ is just a circle.

The surely-blessed beverages have been spotted in all the usual places you’d expect an iced coffee-guzzling tradie to be: local IGA’s, big supermarkets, convenience stores, and servos around Queensland, and from everything that I’ve seen online, they taste not too bad?

Obviously these milky bevs are just rum flavoured, because it’d be uhh extremely illegal to sell actual boozy iced coffee in the local Caltex, so if you want a full-spiked icy boy, you’ll have to do that yourself when you get home.

From the looks of things, the Bundy Rum Iced Coffee comes in at $4.20 a bottle and is a very limited edition flavour, so if you wanna rip the scab off one you better get into it soon.

I for one am steamed that I can’t have one, all the way down here in Melbourne. Give me the booze-flavoured milk that will likely make me shit myself. Give it to me.