SA’s Insane FruChoc Beer To Be Sold In NSW & WA, Pleasing Adelaidians Who Live There Only

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Summer is well on its way and honestly, there are few things in this world that are more ‘Adelaide’ than kicking back on a scorching 30-something degree day with a beer in hand and a mouthful of FruChocs. But thanks to Big Shed Brewing Co, you’ll be able to quench your thirst with a bottle of BruChocs, the FruChoc-flavoured beer as of today, October 24.

Yes. BruChocs is back, baby.

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If you’ve never had the experience of living in South Australia, you’re probably blissfully unaware of exactly how much Adelaidians love their fucking FruChocs. But trust me, this shit is more valuable than gold in the festival state. So obviously the entire city of Adelaide lost their minds when BruChocs first hit shelves on August 23 to commemorate ‘FruChoc Appreciation Day’ (see, I told you they’re obsessed with the stuff).

The first round of BruChocs sold out in a measly 13 minutes, which left a whole bunch of desperate FruChoc fans feeling pretty parched.

“Bruchoc went crazy last time, so we knew we had to make it again,” Big Shed’s Craig Harris told The Advertiser. “This will be the last batch before Christmas and before the opening of our new brewery.”

But don’t fret if you missed out last time, because you can hit the bottle-o for a refreshing bottle of BruChocs on this gloriously sunny day. Alternatively, you can head down to your local pub and order a pint (or as the rest of us call it, a schooner) or an imperial pint (a pint, for those of you playing at home) of BruChocs for a sneaky dessert knock-off bev.

Not only is BruChocs returning to South Australian retailers and venues, but punters in Western Australia and New South Wales will be able to pick up a carton at selected bottle shops listed on their Facebook page.

BruChocs features a rich chocolate flavour with peach and apricot infusions, just like the beloved Menz treat. The beer is the latest sweet-treat beer from the brewers that brought us those glorious Golden Gaytime and Tim Tam Slam-flavoured beers.

The collaborative effort between trendy Adelaide brewers Big Shed Brewing Concern and the iconic Menz confectionery company really pulled at South Australians’ patriotism last time around, selling out instantly.

“South Australians are a patriotic bunch, and there’s nothing they love more than seeing two treasured brands teaming up to create something special, particularly if it’s food and drink related,” Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said.

You can view the full list of stockists on the Big Shed Brewing Co Facebook page, but be quick because this wild concoction is sure to sell out quickly.