Briggs Designs Juicy-As-Hell Burg For NAIDOC Week & It Looks So Friggin Good

A lil’ known burger joint in New South Wales has introduced ‘The Briggs‘ burger for NAIDOC week and it looks dope as hell.

The burg, designed by the man himself, is a chunky stack of bacon, grilled onions, jalapeños, mustard, house BBQ sauce and lettuce, oozing with liquid cheese and genuinely looking like the ultimate hangover cure.


Briggs posted the same pic to his own Insta, describing it as the ‘Briggs NAIDOC burger‘ and telling Aussies to “reconcile your mouth around this and close the gap in your arteries!”

The burger is on the menu at Rascal, a Newcastle-based burger joint run by Tim Montgomery and Tom Robinson, hatted chefs previously with Newcastle’s Bacchus and Sydney‘s Four in Hand respectively.

Tim told PEDESTRIAN.TV that they got in touch with Briggs about designing it.

“We wanted to do something for NAIDOC week, but didn’t want to be offensive or hokey,” he said, explaining that although they’ve done plenty of burger tributes to hip hop legends in the past (Action Bronson, A Tribe Called Quest, etc), they wanted to check with Briggs if it would be alright to do one for him.

So they reached out via a mutual friend, and Briggs – instead of just okaying it – went back and said, “Sure, but this is what I want you to do [ingredients-wise], this is my jam.”

‘The Briggs’ is on the menu all week. Newcastle folks, get yourselves down there. Everyone else: might be time to take a road trip.

Photo: Rascal / Instagram.