You Can Book Out The Entire Sydney Aquarium For A 10-Person Fancy Dinner So Why The Fuck Not

If you’ve been searching for something to re-enter society in style, something more elaborate and extravagant than booking your local beloved pub for bevs with you and nine mates, have you considered an entire aquarium? In what’s quite possibly the wildest way to have dinner, Sydney Aquarium is letting people hire out the whole place for an evening. Fuck it, fancy dinner with the fishies.

The big aquatic wonderland is opening up the books for private dining sessions in its Great Barrier Reef exhibit for groups of up to 10 people, which is honestly such a fucking mood. Imagine being able to finally get out of those tracky-dacks, go to the aquarium after hours, and eat a bougie dinner amongst all of the fish and other oceanic creatures? It sounds like a weird fever dream.

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A night (kinda) swimming with the fishes will set you back a minimum of $2000 for a three-course set menu dinner, a drinks package of premium bevs for two hours, and access to wander around the aquarium and have a butchers at all the residents as they float around. Lord knows I’ve wanted to neck a glass of champagne while watching the jellyfish float around.

$2000 between ten people is like $200 each. So easy. That’s a standard night out in the city, or like a good sesh on the froths at the footy. And if you’re anything like me you’ve absolutely saved up a bunch of coin from not being able to go to the pub.

And you know what? You deserve a little treat. You’ve been so good, you should be able to spoil yourself and a few mates with a fancy reunion dinner.

Check out all the details over on the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium site and start figuring out who your nine fishiest mates are. That’s the hardest part, for sure.