Canned Sangria Is A Thing So Someone Pour It Down My Boozehole And Get Me To Spain Already

canned sangria
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If you’re still absolutely steaming over that Euro trip that got cancelled, you might be hanging out for a taste of that sweet European nectar. No, I’m not talking about a drunken encounter at a swim-up bar, I’m talking about sangria. If you’ve ever tried to make the delicious drink yourself and it’s tasted like ass, there’s now an alternative. A few divine humans have gone and invented canned sangria and I have it on great authority (mine) that it’s shaping up to be the drink of the year.

canned sangria

Sangria is one of those drinks that goes down like water but tastes much better, and makes you feel all the good things. Canned sangria gives you the same level of fun without the dreaded hassle of measuring the components out. You might be shocked to know there can be such a thing as too much alcohol when it comes to mixed drinks. Red wine is nice and all but it’s not the only thing you want to be tasting when you’re chugging back some sangria. That’s why the founder of Bella made it his lifelong mission to nail the authentic Spanish drink while using Aussie ingredients, and he definitely overdelivered.

Bella Sangria is a fairly new player in the booze game but boy am I glad they’ve joined. The original is the Bella Sangría Red which is infused with oranges, lemons and cherries. There’s also the Bella Sangría Rosé, infused with mixed berries, peaches and hibiscus, and Bella Sangría White, infused with limes, apples and mint. Basically, there’s a mix for every kind of occasion and mood you could ever find yourself in. If you’re a fan of the cans you can drink em’ straight or you can get a lil fancy with some ice cubes and chopped fruit, you’re the master of your own destiny here.

Bella Sangría Mixed Bundle, $66

They all have the same alcohol percentage so you don’t need to make the decision based solely on the level of lit you’d like to get. You could, however, choose one based on how cute the packaging is, but that seems like an even harder choice given how chic they all are. Honestly, I’ll be making a beeline for the bundle pack so I can give them all a decent taste test. Once I’ve done that, I’ll be looping back around to take my favourite flavour for another whirl. Just remember in your canned sangria frenzy that responsible drinking is sexy, so don’t be that chump who ruins the European fantasy for everyone.

You can peep some of the range below and get around their lip-smacking deliciousness for yourself – I know I will be. This Aussie winter is all about the European summer – you heard it here first.

Bella Sangría Rosé 4 Pack, $22

Bella Sangría Red 4 Pack, $22

Bella Sangría White 4 Pack, $22