Arnott’s Is Having An Each-Way Bet On The Name Of Its New Chicken [Insert Correct Word] Shapes

chicken parm shapes box

After they were spied around the traps last month, Arnott’s has officially dropped its brand new chicken parmigiana flavour Shapes, and attempted to keep everyone on either side of the parmi / parma debate happy.

When the boxes were spotted in a cheeky early release last month, it booted up that eternal argument about state-based dialects and nicknames, on whether it should be “chicken parmi” or “chicken parma”. I mean it’s absolutely “parma” but go off, I guess.

When the argument reared its ugly head once again, Arnott’s decided to do a bit of research to figure out just how split down the middle the country is on the whole debate.

According to the bickie team’s very important research of 1000 Aussies, we’re pretty much split down the middle with a 34/45 division on the parma/parmi thing, with a whole 21% of people don’t know what to call it. I need to speak with these undecided people and just pick their brains about that.

Anyway, because Aussies are so hardline divided about the humble parm, Arnott’s has landed on a happy medium and put both names on the box, so everyone can share. Because we’re toddlers who have to be forced to do that, it seems.

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Oh, and for what it’s worth, Arnott’s research also found out that 26% of Victorians are going to go straight to the pub and order a delicious parma as the first meal they eat after the lockdowns ease.

I don’t blame them, because I’m absolutely beelining for the Great Northern to hoof down a parm and a pint as soon as I’m legally allowed to.

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God, I miss a pub parma SO MUCH.

If you wish to put your tastebuds to the test and see if it’s just as good as a pub feed, you can cop a box of the Chicken Parma Shapes from your local shops for $3.20 a pop.