ALDI Is Doing Organic Wine For Less Than $10 This Week So BRB, Refilling The Booze Cupboard

If you needed literally any more reason to restock the wine rack (read: that one cupboard above the fridge where you put all the booze), surely knowing that you can get organic wine for shit-cheap is a good excuse. ALDI, purveyors of cheap and tasty wine, is slinging bottle of organic plonk for under 10 bucks this week. Let this be your warning and/or PSA.

Landing in the wineo version of the sacred middle aisle on August 5, these organic wines range between $6.99 and $9.99 for a bottle, and are coming in hot from wine regions in Italy and closer to home in the NSW central ranges.

Hell, they don’t even look wildly cheap, which is perfect if you want to bulk out your wine cellar (read: that cupboard under the TV where you also keep booze) without looking like you’re hooning on cleanskins.

For a very tidy $6.99 you can pick up an Italian organic wine from Tavernello, which legit look good enough to put on the table at your next dinner party. Whenever that’s gonna be. Maybe Christmas? Maybe??

aldi organic wine
Tavernello Pinot Grigio – $6.99

Or maybe you wanna keep yourself a bit warmer with a nice red, hell it’s some real Antarctic vibes out there in Melbourne this week so why the fuck not?

There’s a cheap sangiovese from Tavernello up for grabs as well, also coming in at that very nice $6.99 price tag.

aldi organic wine
Tavernello Sangiovese – $6.99

If you’re after something to warm the cockles of your cold winter heart more, or maybe with a bit more punch and bite, and you want to support local Aussie wineries with your ALDI shop, the new Garden Gangsta organic wine range is perfect.

Coming from 22-year-old vineyards in Gulgong, NSW, there’s a cabernet sauvignon and a shiraz dropping into the ALDI grog shop section, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

aldi organic wine
Garden Gangsta Shiraz – $9.99

Excuse me, this label is so nice? Look, forgive the name (yes it’s a bit howyagoin’) but if I was shopping on the label alone I’d pick these up in a heartbeat.

aldi organic wine
Garden Gangsta Cabernet Sauvignon – $9.99

All these plonks will be on sale from Wednesday, August 5 from your local ALDI with a booze section, so definitely wrangle your housemate group chat and get someone to nip in and pick up a few bottles of organic wine. Considering Melbourne’s in hard lockdown for a while yet, I know I’m definitely gonna need it.