Adam Liaw’s Sausage Sizzle Hack Is The Best Thing Since *Checks Notes* Sliced Bread

adam liaw

Somebody give Adam Liaw the keys to the city because his genius sausage sanga hack is the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

The season 2 Masterchef Australia winner took to social media to share his favourite barbecue hack that is simple, yet incredibly effective.

[jwplayer MvjGxyO3]

Posting to his 150,000+ Instagram followers, Liaw shared the bread-cutting hack.

“My favourite (if controversial) summer barbecue hack is to buy a half loaf of bread and get them to run it through the slicer lengthways instead of sideways. It produces a sausage-sized piece of bread that makes for perfect “sausage in bread”. You’re welcome.”

His 2010 Masterchef win suddenly makes so much sense. Of course this man is a fucking masterchef. Look at this invention! He’s basically Heston Blumenthal with this innovative take.

“For those about to comment that they prefer the overhang of sausage and/or bread from ordinary-shaped bread: You can’t stand in the way of progress…”

Now, I’m not here to kink shame anyone who loves an overhang of sausig’ on their bread, but why would anybody not want a perfect bread to saus ratio?

Granted, this option is a little expensive if you’ve got lots of hungry mouths to feed because you get less than half the amount of slices. But who cares if your cousin Joe doesn’t get a sausage sizzle if you get more bread? That’s capitalism, Joe.

In one day, Adam’s post received a whopping 7,245 likes and a plethora of comments praising him for the genius hack.

This is truly life-changing information.

*Googles how to overthrow the government and put Adam Liaw in charge.*

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to buy three loaves of vertically-cut bread for my New Years’ BBQ.