Here’s A Bunch Of Fancy Gins To Get You Royally Sauced This Weekend

If there’s one thing you need when you’re watching two extremely wealthy and beautiful people get married, it’s booze. But hey, it’s a special occasion, you’ve put out the good chippie bowls, you’ve got people using coasters and hell, you’re even trusting everyone with glasses this time – so it’s best that your drinks match the level of hoity-toity vibes.

The UK has a range of signature bevvies, from warm beer to hot toddies, but one that’s sure to get yourself feeling good miserable you didn’t nab Prince Harry and/or Meghan Markle for yourself is the classic gin and tonic. If it’s good enough for Queen Elizabeth II to have every damn day, it’s good enough for me.

A painfully classic British tipple, most good gins are made in and around the London area – with a London Dry Gin being among the best in the world. Gin can be a bit of an acquired taste; it was traditionally seen as a very grandmother-on-a-Sunday-afternoon drink, but a new trend of ‘pink gin’ has helped those with a bit more of a sweet tooth to lean into the botanical-laden world of the classic G&T.

Pink gin is based on the cocktail of the same name, made up of gin with a splash of bitters, turning the whole thing a nice rosy hue. Then you can kinda do what you please with it. Add tonic and garnish with raspberries? Sure! Top up with rose and cranberry juice? Why the hell not!

So, here’s a few to get you rolling (and to pretty up your booze cabinet).

Edgerton Pink Gin – $69.99

First of all, nice.

Tipped as the first ever pink gin, this British gin is made with a host of botanicals and gets its rosy tint from added pomegranate after the distilling process. Look at the colour. LOOK AT IT.

Antipodes Pink Gin – $85

The first official Aussie pink gin, this little number uses native botanicals alongside ingredients like Kakadu plum, blue chamomile flowers, strawberry gum, and ruby red grapefruit, and then rested on shiraz grapes to get that perfect soft pinky tinge.

Mix this little ripper up with some soda instead of tonic, so you get a slight hint of residual sweetness. If you’re more of a sweetie-darling, get all up on that tonic.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin – $48.00

If you wanna go for something a little sweeter, and a little easier on the pocket, Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin is right up your alley. Raspberries and strawberries are used in the distilling process to give the gin a sweet flavour and that insta-worthy pink blush.

Bass & Flinders Cerise Gin – $84.99

Wanna go for something even brighter? This Aussie drop comes from a father-daughter tea in Melbourne‘s Mornington Penninsula, and it’s so glaringly pink that ‘cerise’ is truly the only description for it.

Made with local cherries and raspberries to get that strikingly-rich colour, Cerise gin has notes of turkish delight and natural sweetness.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin – $85.00

If you wanna get into more of a deep red, the Bloody Shiraz Gin from Four Pillars is your ultimate bet. Rested on shiraz grapes until the spirit gets that deep, sultry hue, the Bloody Shiraz is made from the popular Rare Dry Gin and is limited to one (1) batch a year.

2018’s batch is coming up in a couple of weeks and you can damn well bet I’m counting down the seconds ’til that baby is back on sale.

Ink Gin – $80.00

Probably one of the most gorgeous gins out there at the moment is Ink Gin from Husk Distillery. Another Aussie gin (we must be good at ’em or something) but this one fuckin’ changes colours. 

Yep, not even shitting you. This magic bottle of your favourite picked poison changes from a deep indigo to a gentle mauve through to a bright pink, all depending on what you mix it with. Ingredients like tonic water and citrus juices create a chemical reaction with the butterfly pea in the gin to turn it from that vivid violet to the striking pink.

Man, science RULES.

Applewood Gin Of Lust – $99.00

If you want one that’s gunna really set the ~mood~ with all the royal romance vibes flying around everywhere, the saucy little bottle of sauce from Applewood is sure to hit the nail right on the head.

Fresh raspberries infused with a bright gin that has notes of star anise, earl grey, cinnamon, and lavender, the Gin Of Lust is sure to be a spicy little drop as a tasty nightcap.

A part of the Seven Deadly Gins range, this one truly is something to lust over and get gluttinous with.