The 8 Best Blushes For Darker Skin Tones If You’re Tired Of Pink Powders Leaving You Chalky

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If I could only use one makeup item for the rest of my life, it would be blush.

I know this will probably be a controversial take. Some girlies (gender-neutral) cannot live without their eyeliner or concealer, and I truly do understand. However, blush is a catch-all for me: it makes me look more awake so I don’t need eyeliner, it decreases the contrast between my eyebags and the rest of my face so I don’t need concealer, and it can usually be used as a lip tint too so I don’t need a lipstick. Truly divine.

Don’t get me wrong, I do adore a full face of makeup — but I am also lazy and hate having to spend 15 minutes taking that makeup off before bed. Plus, my skin loves to remind me that clogging it with product is not cute. So, a good blush gets me pretty far.

However, the journey to find a blush that suits me has been a long and arduous one because I am brown.

As a South Asian gal born in the late ’90s, Fenty did not exist when I started experimenting with makeup. Back then, I was wearing foundations three shades too light for my skin because they were the darkest shade I could find at Priceline, and blush looked more like light pink chalk on my face than the rosy warmth it promised.

This is a relatable experience for many tan and dark-skinned women I’m sure, and so I thought I would share what blushes have really worked for me in recent years — for every budget, because a $50 blush is not an option for everyone. And sadly, most beauty brands that cater to our skin tone are usually pretty high end. We’re in a cost of living crisis people, but we can still look cute on a budget!

So, without further ado, here are the best blushes in every shade range for gals with dark skin.

Best blushes for dark skin

Pink blush for dark skin

If you’re looking for a soft, dewy look then pink blushes are what you need. They’re also the most universally flattering, in my opinion — most dark skinned people of any undertone will look good in a pink blush. Whether you’re looking for petal pink or Barbie pink, there’s something for everyone.


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in “Lucky”, $45

I’m not a fan of Selena Gomez but I’d be lying if I said these blushes aren’t great for dark skin. They are super pigmented, blendable and buildable, and the shade “lucky” looks incred on deep-toned skin. (I would also recommend trying “grace” and “faith” — they look purple in the bottle but on warm, dark skin they looks like a delicate pink!)

Pat McGrath Lab’s Skin Fetish: Divine Blush in “Divine Rose”, $65.59

I wore this gorgeous pale pink blush on my WEDDING. So really, that’s all the endorsement you need. It is a lovely cool petal pink on brown skin, with a little bit of a mauve undertone.


MCoBeauty Soft Matte Beauty Wand in “Amaretto”, $14.49

This blush is a nice warm, dusty rose pink on darker skin tones, rather than the mauve of the bottle, and super blendable.

Red blush for dark skin

I think red blushes are underrated — it’s true that they can look a little too dramatic and rouge-y on paler skin tones, but they look divine on darker complexions and personally they’re my favourite tone of blush! Brown and purple blushes are trending for us ethnic folk but red is a tried and true classic.

Balm Beauty The Tint in “Rosa”, $38

This tint looks like a dark burgundy in the packaging but trust me, on skin it is a true red. Fire engine red, even. Just a loud, gorgeous, pure red. It is THE red blush, in my opinion (red blushes are surprisingly hard to come by?) and it’s great as a lip tint too!


MCoBeauty Soft Matte Beauty Wand in “Flushed”, $14.49

I LOVE this blush. It’s actually my go-to at the moment, because it’s such a bright, cheerful red. “Flushed” is the perfect name for this colour because it’s how I look when I wear it. Despite the brightness, though, it looks very natural — I cannot overstate how much I adore it.

Peach blush for dark skin

By far the most difficult blush colour to nail when you have brown skin is peach. The truth of the matter is that most peach blushes are formulated for paler skin, but on us, they either look chalky, neon, or just pink. It’s a real shame because peach and terracotta tones are my absolute favourite, but fear no more, because I think I have found blushes that work.

NARS Afterglow liquid blush in “Dolce Vita”, $53

This colour is labelled a “dusty rose” but on darker, warm skin tones it looks like more of a peachy, terracotta colour. It’s on the deeper side though — if you’re more tan than deep, this may not have the peachy effect you’re going for! (It also comes in powder form if you don’t like liquid blushes.)


Australis Dewy + Daring blush in “Side Chick”, $9.57

Australis is so underrated, there I said it. Yes, this brand has maintained its relevance in my life even after high school. This particular product is a dewy peach blush that looks like skin! Aside from the glitter, of course.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in “Joy”, $45

I know we’ve already mentioned Rare Beauty’s liquid blushes but what can I say, the shade range strikes again! This pretty tone is a little on the pinker side but still a lovely peachy colour on darker skin.