This May Be The Most Exciting Thing To Have Ever Happened During An NBL Game

The NBL: where adequate happens.

And amazing comes to hang out sometimes, but only out of pity, has one and a half drinks, scans the room, then makes up some lame excuse to leave the party early and hopes that no one notices.

Case in point: imported US Perth Wildcat sensation James Ennis is essentially on loan from the defending champion Miami Heat until the 2014/15 NBA season when veteran wing players like Ray Allen and Shane Battier renegotiate their contract situations.

Their decision, however, to essentially stash the second round 2013 NBA draft pick deep in the wilderness that is professional Australian basketball so that scouts, rival teams or human beings with eyeballs would never watch him play a single minute of professional basketball this year has now been compromised after the best thing to happen to the league in decades threw down what is probably the single most exciting thing to have ever happened during an NBL game since an Adelaide 36ers fan threw in a halfcourt shot during the halftime break.

Very good.

A+ bench reaction, too.