16 Y.O. Girl Who Tortured 13 Y.O. At Sunshine Coast Home Receives Suspended Sentence

A 16-year-old girl, who was part of a group that tortured a younger girl for four hours in Queensland last year, walked free from court on a suspended sentence with conditional release. 

The ABC reports that the Maroochydore District Court heard the teenager was one of three girls who lured the 13-year-old victim to a house at Tewantin in March last year. 

They then proceeded to lock the doors, demand her phone and shoes, tied her hands together and took “before pictures” of the victim before slicing her with a knife and forcing her to lick their feet among other degrading acts for hours. The perpetrators also filmed the torture, which was later uploaded to TikTok by the second eldest offender with the caption “funny as fuck”. 

When they finished, the three girls showered the victim and walked her to her family home. They threatened the victim that they would hurt her family if she “snitched”, they continued stand-over tactics so the victim would claim she got jumped by unknown assailants and even went to the hospital with the victim and her mother. 

Speaking to Courier Mail, the girl’s mother — who also appeared on A Current Affair last year — said her daughter’s “face was swollen to a degree that you couldn’t recognise her… it looked like her head was going to explode”. The swelling left the victim temporarily unable to see out of one eye and she also suffered a fractured wrist. 

In the footage which was uploaded to TikTok, the victim is seen bloodied and bruised, being slapped and hit by another girl while a second attacker jabs at her with a large kitchen knife. After the torture footage started going viral and gaining negative reactions, the girl who posted the video began to downplay her involvement and blame the eldest girl (who was on trial this week) as the instigator. 

In sentencing, Judge Long gave a detailed ruling that described the incident as an “extremely traumatic” four hours. However, the judge also took into account the defence’s evidence of complex and challenging behaviour and trauma. Which has led to ongoing substance abuse impacting the 16-year-old with the defence barrister claiming that “her parents have failed her” and that “when she visits her father she gets black-out drunk with him.”

Judge Long did not record a conviction but sentenced her to two years’ detention, wholly suspended with a conditional release order.

She was ordered to complete 160 hours of community service, and comply with conditions including rehabilitation programs, psychology assessments, and treatment. She also has to refrain from substance abuse during the two year period.

Judge Long warned the 16-year-old that if her offending continued she would soon be dealt with in the justice system as an adult, not a minor, and could end up in prison.