Melissa Villaseñor is one of the best dang impressionists living, and it’s with giddy joy we can announce she’s been signed up to join the Saturday Night Live cast.

It’s a cause for celebration all on its own, but what is especially exciting about her hiring, is that this is the first time in SNL’s entire 41 year history that a Latin American has been hired as a cast member.

SNL has, historically, had some trouble with diversity. Like most platforms for comedy, it has until very recently skewed heavily white and male. Over the past couple of years though, with the addition of women of colour like Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata, that has begun to change.

Villaseñor is another step in the right direction, because, objectively, she’s just fkn excellent:

She actually auditioned unsuccessfully to be on the programme years ago, before landing the job. After the earlier failed audition in 2009, she wrote on Facebook:

“SNL is one of the main reasons why I started comedy at 15 and I pray to be there someday when I am ready and have even more to offer. I am very thankful for that experience and will always keep working at new impressions as well as my stand-up comedy.”

It warms our cold, crusty hearts, to know that dreams can still come tru. To satiate ya until her debut, here is the new Britney Spears song: 

And here’s Villaseñor’s spot on take:

Source: The Guardian.

Photo: Facebook.