Six Ways To Keep Your Partner Happy If Their Love Language Is Gift Giving

In 1992, anthropologist Gary Chapman released his famous book, The Five Languages For Love, which has become one of the go-to texts to help with communicating your romantic needs. Relationship therapists and fan fiction writers continue to reap the benefits to this day.

One of the more controversial and perhaps convoluted love languages is “Gift Giving”, which according to Chapman, “represents the visual symbol of love”. While some would argue that this is a superficial love language, its popularity still exists, and has a long history. As Chapman would defend, “It is universal to give gifts as an expression of love. My academic background is [in] anthropology, the study of cultures. We have never discovered a culture where gift-giving is not an expression of love.”

We may not like to admit it, but a majority of us most likely enjoy giving and receiving gifts. It’s a tangible reminder that our special person, family and friends appreciate and love us. Giving gifts is also a way for us to show that we’re observant, listen to the needs of those around us and that we want to help out. And with Valentine’s right around the corner, some of us might be stressed out trying to find the right gift to show our love.

Gifts don’t always have to be these grand gestures of love like you might see on social media. No one is expecting you to buy designer handbags or jewellery that a James Bond villain would sell. Gifts can be anything from an experience such as a ticket to a show, a trip down memory lane like a framed portrait, or even just shouting their favourite meal now and again.

If you’re stumped on getting the right gift for a loved one this Valentine’s day, here are some great ideas to get you started.

A jar of memories

If you’re looking for something original and sentimental, a jar of memories can be a sweet gift. Basically, you fill a jar with a large number of handwritten notes of good memories you have of them. Then once a day, or in one sitting if they need it, they can read one of the memories. It’s like a daily affirmation, but a more personal, and endearing way for you to tell your partner you love them.

Photo album

Similar to the jar of memories, the photo album is also a terrific gift to give someone you love. By filling a book with moments captured throughout your relationship, you show off how much you two have grown together, and reminisce through all those life events that at the time, just felt like another day.

It’s a great gift to show someone that you’ve put a lot of thought into it, by collating the photos, styling them, and getting them printed and laminated. It’s a process, but fortunately, it’s not too expensive and is something that is bound to have your partner shedding some tears of joy.

If you want a double whammy one-two punch of sappy love, you can pair this with a disposable camera to set yourself up for the next photo album moving forward in the future.

A box of small items

Sometimes, filling a little gift box with an assortment of sweet gifts can go a long way. From customised jewellery you made, to a small poem you wrote, or even artwork that you drew. Having a personal connection to what you give is a great way to show someone you love and care about them.

You can fill these up with other small gifts as well, like hand creams, a small candle, a back scratcher, and some of their favourite chocolate. Even a few Instant Scratch-Its tickets wouldn’t go astray in one of these as they, may quite literally, be gifts that keep on giving (if you’re successful, and over 18).

Self-care gifts

Self-care is the one gift that you can’t go wrong with, and it’s so diverse it’s hard to mess up. What’s great about self-care gifts, is that they’re something you can do with your partner as well. Try grabbing some face masks together or booking a spa day to relax and get away for a bit.

Skincare or perfumes are always good picks as well, but it’s better to play it safe and ask about your partner’s needs and likes before committing, just to be safe. They might have specific needs when it comes to skincare that you might not be aware of. It can also be a sensitive area for them depending on their relationship with their skin.

Subscription service

So many of our hobbies are connected to subscriptions and can pile up over time. A great gesture for someone you love or a friend is to cover a subscription for them. Whether that’s for a magazine they really like, a streaming service with a few shows they’re keen on checking out, or even just getting their favourite homemade coffee every month.

Gift box

You might have already come across a few of these on TikTok, but there are plenty of small businesses run by hobbyist creatives, bakers and sauce makers who are willing to take the pressure off you and pack an assorted gift box. You can find something of everything, whether it’s a bundle of comics and video games, a box of Japanese snacks, or even marshmallows.

What’s important to remember when deciding on a gift, is that the most meaningful ones come from understanding your partner’s preferences and what makes them happy. Listen for hints they drop about things they like, the things they put down when shopping because they’re apprehensive about getting it for themselves, or even just ask them directly if they’d like the gift you have in mind. Collaborating on finding them the right gift can be an intimate activity itself, and one worth doing.

Image credit: The Office