Here’s How Generosity Can Make You Feel Better If You’re A Real Negative Nancy RN

Are you one of those people who enjoys giving presents more than getting them? There’s nothing better than the thrill of your dad cracking a smile after you tracked down exactly what he wanted.

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It’s actually been proven that when you give a gift, a significant amount of oxytocin is released, which is a type of happy hormone associated with things like kindness and gratitude. It’s also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’, so if you’re struggling to find someone to hug this gift-giving season, you know what to do.

Admit it, as you’re reading this, you can’t remember the last gift you got, but you remember the time you spent days on end researching a present for your mate and the joy on their face that screams, ‘How the hell did you find this?’.

We love the game of shopping for presents here in Australia, with 2021 seeing us spend a whopping $11 billion on gifts for our loved ones. But you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get into this gift-giving era – there’s a truckload of affordable options out there that have the pizzaz without the high cost.

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When it comes to affordable presents, it’s worth grabbing some Instant Scratch-Its tickets. Head into a newsagent, grab a card and grab some Instant Scratch-Its gift packs, giving your loved ones the chance to win prizes.

Happy gift-giving!

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