15Y.O. Girl Charged W/ Animal Cruelty After Being Filmed Allegedly Throwing A Cat Out Of A Car

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses animal abuse.

A 15-year-old girl has been charged with animal cruelty after being filmed allegedly throwing a cat out of a car and off a bridge.

The Queensland teenager was allegedly riding in the passenger seat of a car travelling on the Pacific Motorway in Beenleigh, south Brisbane early morning on Saturday.

The video of the alleged abuse was shared by 7News.

It showed the cat sitting on the girl’s lap before she threw it out of the car window, where it appeared to go over the concrete guardrail and fall off the bridge.

The girl was tracked down by Gold Coast police, where she was charged with animal cruelty and endangering the safe use of a vehicle by throwing an object.

RACQ Queensland criticised the girl’s alleged animal cruelty.

“We condemn this blatant animal cruelty,” the animal welfare organisation said in a statement.

“They clearly have no empathy and a total disregard for life. It’s an absolutely vile act.”

Unfortunately, there has been no news as to the whereabouts of the cat.

“We also don’t know the outcome and suffering the cat endured from this situation which is awful,” RACQ said.

The video appeared to have been posted to Instagram by another teenager in the car.

The teenager is due to appear in the Southport Children’s Court at a later date.