OECD Survey Says: Australia Is The Happiest Country In The (Developed) World

Despite evidence to the contrary (governmental, legislative, and most importantly, televisual), the annual ‘Better Life Index’ compiled by the the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has determined that Australia is the happiest industrialised nation out of all the nations when judged by a criteria that includes housing, jobs, education, health, environment and work-life balance.

Out of thirty-four countries included in the OECD survey, which is based on data collated by the United Nations, Australia reached a cumulative rank that placed it ahead of countries usually deemed the most stoked, including those simultaneously beautiful and incredibly creepy Norwegians, and the terminally (un) happy Americans.

But don’t thank those guys for their internal crises (you know, terrorism and whatnot – which surely have an adverse affect on a country’s ‘happiness’ ratings) sweeping generalisations and anonymous statistics can also be credited for Australia’s high ranking. Buzz words like ‘rising cost of living’, ‘global financial crisis’, and ‘foreign economic turmoil’ are bolstered by statistics that say 85% of Australians described their health as ‘good‘ (despite a 50% obesity rate), or that Australian men will spend close to three hours cooking, cleaning or caring on a daily basis. And watching Masterchef doesn’t even count. Good job, guys.

Via News.com.au