It’s Not Just You: Report Shows Young Aussies Over-Educated, Under-Employed

Despite being the most educated generation in Australian history, more than 60% of young jobseekers are worried their training may not land them a job in their chosen career. 

The findings come as part of the third Future Leaders Index paper. Focusing on education, careers and training, the paper gives credence to many Gen Y concerns. Which is just great. 
When asked to describe their perception of “trying to get a full or part time career related role in the current economic environment”, 67% of respondents said they were ‘concerned’; almost half of the current students surveyed also said they would consider further university study due to the current economic climate.
Interestingly, most people surveyed also think there should be a huge increase in the amount of on-the-job training available to students. 
A potential over-supply in graduates is also projected in the arts, science and cultural sectors, while the paper suggests future job-seekers should look into growing industries like aged care, transport and wholesale trade. 
Overall, the paper (which you can read in full here) outlines young Australians as educated, driven, but subject to economic turmoil brought on by the end of the resource boom and governmental penny-pinching. 

At least it’s good to see it in writing, right?

Story via Sydney Morning Herald.
Image: Rolf Schulten via Getty.