Giant Tigers Pounce On Sydney

Those of you in-tune with the Chinese Zodiac will be aware that 2010 is the year of the Tiger. It begins officially on the 14th of February, the first day of the Lunar New Year, the same day when many of us realize we are in fact, going to die sad, fat and surrounded only by cats. (Valentine’s Day).

Speaking of cats, the Tiger is the third sign in the zodiac series and said to be a symbol of courage, optimism and fearlessness. So all ye who remain loveless, remember that there’s still hope that 2010 won’t be the year of crouching tiger, hidden boyfriend.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year there will be numerous events around Customs House and the City of Sydney Library, in particular a series of giant, illuminated origami tigers. The sculptures were designed by Australian firm LAVA and were made to raise awareness for the tiger as an endangered species. They will glow from low-powered LED’s and look magical both day and night. They stand a whopping 8.2 feet high and are 23 feet long, constructed from aluminium and 100% recyclable Barrisol skin.

So this Valentines Day put that block of Cadbury down, turn off An Affair To Remember, and if you must console yourself pay the tigers a visit. Sure it isn’t a date, but these beautiful tigers will be there until the 14th of March, that’s over a month, which is longer than most relationships anyway.

Via My Modern Met