And The Winners Of Pedestrian’s Bachelorette 2013 are…

Last night we were finally able to quit dreaming about all the certified tens in the enviably talented, eloquent and straight up lovely bunch of Pedestrian’s bachelorettes, and meet the Actually Perfect gurls in the same room, at the same time. It was kind of overwhelmingly good looking and quick witted down at Marquee at The Star; the booze was flowing generously courtesy of Bulmers, SKYY Vodka and Cerveza Aguila, and suddenly it was time to crown the ultimate bad bitch’s Bachelorette Of The Year 2013 brought to you by the really, ridiculously good looking MINI Ray.  
The competition was (politely) fierce, with every single gal in the running being as deserving for the bragging rights to the next; saying this was a tough race is a gross understatement. But like all good competitions there comes a critical point when niceties are quit and the winner has to emerge, screeching and victorious, from the masses. And so we proudly welcome our Pedestrian Tv Bachelorette of the Year 2013:
Cesira is the lead guitarist/lead babe for Brissy band The Jungle Giants and we’re pretty thrilled to have her as our Bachelorette of the year <3 You can catch Cesira on stage with The Jungle Giants during their tour in October, and you can get ridiculously excited by their upcoming album ‘Learn To Exist’, released next Friday August 30—available for pre-order on iTunes and at JB Hi Fi, and streaming right now over at The Jungle Giant’s facebook page.
The band pretty much summed up the sentiment of Cesira walking home queen:

But we can’t forget the Pedestrian Bachelorette’s Reader’s Choice Award, with the winner chosen by YOU, can we? We’re happy to announce that Renae Smith stole all of your hearts and is the Reader’s choice winner, hooray! Renae is a single mum, lawyer, tattoo model and owner of The Atticism. She probably needs to give being so multi-skilled and fucking awesome a rest?
And here are the two heaps glamorous ladies pulling their winning faces, bless: