19-Year-Old Einstein Allegedly Uses Emojis In Drug Deal, Charged In Brisbane

Gen Y is pretty used to copping a lot of flack. The lazy generation. The clickbait generation. The perpetually-fearful-of-commitment-to-anything (jobs, relationships, cities) generation. 

Gen Y has been called a lot of things, and we’re usually there to step in for ’em when they’re called “stupid”. Carving out a new sport called “binge-watching”, sure – but stupid? Nah mate.
But not all of us fit into that box. Sometimes, grommets provide the exception to the rule. 
Today, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that a 19-year-old Brisbane man used an emoji code to organise MDMA deals. A Brisbane Magistrates Court heard yesterday that the 19-year-old’s code consisted of lightning bolt and heart emojis, which could be cracked like so:
Fair play to him, it must be said, for not straight-up using to signify s.
But, at the end of the day, dude took Omar’s advice far too literally. The Wire, this is not.
According to SMH, the 19-year-old was arrested on Friday, with police seizing a knife, 11 MDMA pills, four phones and “white powder” from his bedroom. According to SMH, police downloaded text messages from the accused after being arrested earlier this year on a separate offence. 
Brendan Ryan, the defendant’s lawyer, claimed the white powder was not what it seemed. “It’s not cocaine – it’s flour. It was a joke made on a friend. It’s not cocaine and analysis will prove that in due course.”
via SMH.