MKR Trounces Masterchef In Foodie War

The current reality TV cook-off has seen Australian viewers hungry for amateur home-cooked squabbles with My Kitchen Rules (2.28 million viewers) definitively burning Masterchef: The Professionals (627k) in the latest ratings. The news gets worse for Masterschef who limped in a distant third behind The Block: All Stars (959k) in the three-way reality TV battle. 

As the highest rating show of the night, My Kitchen Rules can attribute much of its success to the socially tactless Jessie and Biswa,  who finally received their comeuppance with their meal receiving the worst score in MKR history. Classic train-wreck viewing.         
Likewise, reasons behind the franchise crippling Masterchef flop are just as obvious. Like a Heston Blumenthal cookbook; it’s a great idea in theory until you realise you can’t cook a thing because you don’t have a) a snap freezer, b) liquid-nitrogen, c) unicorn tears, or d) 8 hours to make a pre-entree starter. Masterchef’s buzz was derived from watching fellow foodies improve their skills and knowledge at a rate the viewer could comprehend. When the contestants enter with professional training and the readymade skills to deconstruct a lamb roast and make Adriano Zumbo wedding cakes, the mass appeal quickly turns to niche viewing. 
Expect another bumper night for MKR with the food snobbing QLD brother and sister team, Jake and Elle next to feel the judges wrath.