Learn How to Spin Tracks and Vids with AVDJ Sampology

He makes Peaches wanna breakdance, he makes AC Slater reconsider what a DJ can do, DJ Craze thinks he’s “dope as hell” (not as dope as DJ Craze, but dope enough), he’s the newest addition to our Pedestrian Coach alumni – he’s Sampology.

Probably one of the country’s best AVDJs, Sampology isn’t just a guy who presses play on a CD whilst simultaneously pressing play on a DVD player. Instead, the man uses turntables to mix both audio and video and give you that sweet AV experience. If you watch what he does live on stage, you’d swear he had about four arms.

Sampology is currently in the middle of his raunchy Stimulation tour – it’s steamy, it’s emotional, there are allusions to #sexytimes by way of rockets taking off and an abundance of boobs and bananas.

If you want to know how to put on an AV experience like no other, sign up for Sampology’s Pedestrian Coach session on September 25. You’ll get an insight into how he puts his sets together and he’ll tell you exactly how he does what he does with only two arms. It’s sure to be informative.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for tonight’s session with multi-award winning Moby. Hear him chat about music production, how to “accidentally” sell millions of albums and ask him questions on anything music, Moby or mariachi related.

Saturday 21 September: Komune, Gold Coast
Friday 11 October: The Standard, Sydney
Saturday 12 October: Welcome To The Valley, Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth
Saturday 19 October: Brown Alley, Melbourne
Friday 25 October: Rocket Bar, Adelaide