Francis Ford Coppola Thinks R Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet Is “Incredible” Just Like The Rest Of Us

The professional relationship between R Kelly and Phoenix has already bequeathed to us this hysteria inducing Coachella performance from earlier this year and an R Kelly assisted remix of the French band’s most recent single, “Trying To Be Cool”.

Those two things were great and all but perhaps the most important thing to eventuate from the slapstick odd couple buddy comedy starring the world’s most genial Frenchmen and a guy who once pissed on a minor is the revelation that Thomas Mars’ father-in-law Francis Ford Coppola has seen – and loved – Kelly’s irrepressible hip hopera web series, Trapped In The Closet.

The exchange, taken from an excellent joint interview with Pitchfork, follows below…

“Pitchfork: Thomas, how long have you been an R. Kelly fan? 

TM: I remember being in my apartment in Paris and watching “Trapped in the Closet”– it was the best TV experience of my life. It just came out of nowhere. I’d never seen anything like it before. I watched it again and again. I remember dreaming about the water drop– it stayed with me for a while. I watched it with my father-in-law [Francis Ford Coppola] once and I remember him sitting there in silence for 10 minutes and then saying, “This is incredible.””

Like you, after we read the sentence detailing the extent to which Oscar winning human being Francis Ford Coppola loved R Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet we sat there in silence for ten minutes then whispered, “this is incredible.” 

Via Pitchfork