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Mates, I don’t know about you, but long gone are the days where I could fall asleep literally anywhere and not wake up feeling like I’ve just been run over by a god damn truck. Now, I need the right mattress, buttery soft sheets and the perfect pillow just to nod off for at least six decent hours of sleep.

But finding the perfect pillow isn’t easy. You’ve got to find one that suits your sleep style. When it comes to sleep styles, we’re all different. You’ve got the people who like to sleep on their tummy who need a soft, flat one that gives support without lifting your head and neck too far. Then, you’ve got your side sleepers who need a firm-to-extra-firm one to avoid a cramped neck.

Back sleepers (tell me your secrets) who require a medium-to-firm one that ensures the head and neck are supported and that you don’t sag backwards. And finally, if you’re one of those folks who tosses and turns all night (lol, me), you’re probably more of a combination sleeper who needs a soft-to-medium one that offers both firmer and softer parts that you can work your way around while you sleep. 

You’ve also got to factor in the fibres and materials that pillows are made from to ensure durability and comfort. So uh, lots to think about, huh?!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. We’ve found the perfect pillow options for every sleep style. Read on (and dream on), my friends.

What’s your sleeping style?

If you sleep on your stomach try, one of these soft, flat pillows

Emma Foam Pillow

If you’re a side sleeper, try one of these firm-to-extra firm ones

sleep style
The Eva Pillow

If you sleep on your back, try one of these medium-to-firm pillows

sleep republic pillow
The Sleep Republic Pillow

If you’re all over the shop (hi, me), try one of these combination ones

sleep style
Koala Pillow
Image: Schitt's Creek