Fling Us A Killer Life Hack And You Could Score A $500 Gift Card To Make Life Even Easier

All that scrolling and post-saving is finally worth it. 

Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, there’s more life hacks out there than you can shake a stick at – there’s the weird, the wonderful, and everything in between. We’ve all seen them, those bizarre hacks that need tools no one’s owned since the ’40’s, and take a small team of tradies to put together.

Among all the random life hacks out there, every now and then there’s one that pops up and changes your life – you know the one – it gets blasted on all the group chats and becomes a conversation starter for the next month.

Who would’ve thought those hacks may have even more benefits? If you shoot over your best life hacks you’ll score the chance to win $500 dollarydoos. Are your sunglasses a makeshift phone stand? Do you use your old toilet rolls as a speaker? Are your coathangers used as book holders? Let us know below!

If you’re looking for life hack inspo, grab a pic of your fridge and pantry before heading out to grab groceries – it’s an absolute game changer. 

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Image credit: The House / Warner Bros. Pictures