OITNB star and transgender woman Laverne Cox has been announced as the first ever transgender wax figurine at Madame Tussauds.

Her wax likeness will be unveiled at Madam Tussauds San Francisco on June 26, in honour of Pride Month. San Fran has a well-earned rep for being LGBTQI-friendly (as well as full of over-caffeinated cyclists), so it’s only fitting they play host to the first ever transgender wax figurine.

Laverne Cox Named As First Ever Transgender Figure At Madam Tussauds

In a statement, she said:

“When I think about being who I am, a black trans woman from a working class background raised in Mobile, Alabama, this honour feels even more improbable and extraordinary. I hope that this will be a source of inspiration for every one for encounters it to believe that their dreams matter and are possible.”

Before Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet, Laverne Cox was one of the few transgender people breaking barriers in entertainment. She was the first openly transgender woman of colour to be nominated for an Emmy.

Meanwhile, she’ll be back on OITNB when it returns on June 12. THREE DAYS, PEOPLE. THR