Beyoncé Taps Always-Fabulous Laverne Cox For Ivy Park’s Fire New Campaign

Fashion campaigns that celebrate the fact everybody is different are the very best kind, which is why Beyoncé’s Ivy Park has hit it outta the park for its Fall 2017 collection.

Trans activist and ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actor Laverne Cox has been tapped as the face of its latest campaign, alongside amazingly-freckled breakout model Ralph Souffrant and Karen McDonald, Yoncé’s 60-something choreographer.

Would you just look at these fire images for a goddamn second.

It’s all about celebrating “everyone’s uniqueness,” Ivy Park has said. “True beauty and power are born out of strength of character and defined from the inside out. There is no one standard of beauty.”

Cox – who forged a friendship with our lord and slay-vior after they met for the first time at the Grammys earlier this year – told PeopleStyle that working with her idol was a dream.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel real. It feels like some weird fantasy that I’ve had since Destiny’s Child. It feels amazing that I get to be a part of this brand that has already inspired me and be working with a woman who has especially been a huge inspiration to me and so many folks around the world.

Unfortunately for Cox, Bey couldn’t make the actual campaign shoot because she was “about to have the twins”.

“But her team is incredible and there is so much love and respect for her vision and what she wants,” says Cox. “Obviously she approves everything. It’s just wild to have Beyoncé looking at the proofs from your photo shoot!”