Breaking Bad’s Alternate Ending Is Hal’s Nightmare

A long-running joke-premonition among fans of Breaking Bad was that the series finale of the drama series most likely to give you a heart attack would somehow find Walter White/Heisenberg step away from the empire he built to become a DEA informant, flee his home, change his name and enter witness protection as the downtrodden patriarch of actor Bryan Cranston’s other main gig, Malcolm In The Middle.

We get a glimpse at that grim alternate reality in a fan-servicing special feature taken from the DVD box set of the AMC drama series in which Cranston’s Hal, reunited with his perpetually-salty Malcolm In The Middle co-star Jane Kaczmarek, stirs from an all too real night terror in which he is a villainous drug lord who hangs out with a poorly dressed man-child who says “the b-word” a lot.
Here’s the clip, embedded from the copyright wasteland that is Daily Motion.