5 Absolutely Cooked Reality Shows That I’m Only Just Finding Out About Now

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Reality television is my jam. What can I say? I like people getting hurt or scared or pitted against each other in the name of entertainment.

Because of my love of the genre, I do get slightly irritable when finding out about reality TV shows that I somehow missed. One that was super wild or fucked up and I never even saw an episode when it was airing.

So please, brace yourself for all of these bonkers reality shows that actually exist, and that you can watch right now.

Release The Hounds

Contestants on Release The Hounds have to do a bunch of cooked challenges that leave them fragile as shit before they’re tasked with outrunning dogs. If they can outrun the dogs then they wish cash.

I’m not joking. That’s the premise of the show. People like Charlotte Crosby and Joey Essex are some of the show’s contestants, proving it’s like a concoction of I’m A Celebrity… and pretty much any horror film.

You can catch Release The Hounds UK and Release The Hounds US on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

Murder House Flip

Murder House Flip is exactly what you think it is. Houses where murders have happened, being flipped into something less murder-y.

Renovation and true crime, combined? What dreams are made of.

Tell me you’re not at least the little bit intrigued. This is my new hangover show.

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

The Joker’s Wild

Snoop Dog hosted a show once. Didn’t know that? Don’t worry, neither did I. You’re forgiven.

Guests on this casino-inspired game show include the likes of Karlie Kloss, Kelly Osbourne, Cheech & Chong, Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen, Adam Devine, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, Xhibit and more.

Reckon there’ll be some weed jokes in the mix? Just a hunch.

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 


Just when you thought the Brits had thought of everything when it came to reality shows, you find out about a little something called Bromans.

And in the year of the Roman Empire TikTok trend, no less.

Bromans is basically Love Island only set in a fake Ancient Rome, where eight lads battle it out gladiator style to nab 10,000 pounds. There are also abs and costumes.

The bros compete in challenges and their girlfriends help with the prep and training. The couples also do activities such as wine-making and sculpting while wearing classic Roman Empire get-ups.

Sounds normal enough!

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

Summer Camp

I always wanted to experience the great American tradition of summer camp thanks to movies including but not limited to The Parent Trap and It Takes Two (which are basically the same movie, but moving on).

Good news, though! There’s a reality show that we can experience it vicariously through.

Imagine Survivor but it’s at least pretending to be wholesome, lakeside and with classic summer camp games instead. But you know how those horny teenagers can get — and how much attraction can get in the way of important things like a $250,000 prize pool at the end.

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free from December 12. 

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