Ahhhh, Black Mirror. Truly the ‘black mirror’ to our relationship with technology. Huh. I guess that’s why they named it that.

Anyway, the evil puppeteers of despair over at Black Mirror have created the dating app from Hang The DJ if you want to really put a strain on your close-to-breaking-point relationship.

It’s called Coach Dating, and unlike the Tinders and Bumbles of the world, this one creates digital recreations of you and your potential amore and pits them together in an overly complicated scenario to see if you’re a match.

Then, your digital selves will be matched up with numerous partners, each for a pre-determined amount of time, on the pretence of finding out your one ~TRUE~ love. (Although as anyone who’s seen the episode knows, that’s not the ultimate goal at all.)

brb, sobbing over how perfect this episode was

At least, that’s how it works in the episode. I assume Netflix’s budget doesn’t actually stretch to making the full version of this app IRL.

Basically, go to coach.dating, send the link to your partner / fling / man who’s your man but is not your man, and then you both have to hit ‘reveal’ at the same time to figure out how long you have together.

(I made my work wife do it and we have 12 beautiful years ahead. Hopefully not in the same jobs as we are right now.)

Have fun destroying your relationships x x x.

Image: Netflix