Tell Us What Free Snacks Would Get You To Donate Blood & We Might Give You $500

lifeblood free snacks

There’s nothing worse than craving a snack when you’ve shopped on a budget. Fridge? Snack-less. Cupboard? Snack-less. Your secret snack compartment? Snack-less.

Now, you can imagine my surprise when the motherload of free snacks greeted me in the most unlikely of places. Where? When I was donating blood, of course. No really, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood showered me in goodies. It felt like I was lining up at the tuck shop, except this time, it was all free. (There was no canteen lady glaring at me while I counted my change.)

But Lifeblood needs your help to level up its snack game. It also wants to find out if you’re eligible to donate blood—40% are eligible but don’t! This statistic is slightly alarming, considering one in three will need a donation in their lifetime. From cancer patients, and pregnant women, to car accident victims, and so many more who need us. So, let’s find out if you can save up to three lives, shall we?

All you have to do is answer some questions and tell us your fave food, and you might win $500. Just think about how many snacks you could buy with that amount of money and how many lives you could save with this vital information. Make a difference below.

May the snacks be ever in your favour.

PS: If I made you hungry, book a blood donation to get your free snacks. You’d be surprised that you’re most likely eligible. Or are you going to turn down freebies? I know I sure didn’t…

Bring on the free feast!