These New Aussie-Designed Blood Donation Bandages Will Make You Want To Roll Up A Sleeve ASAP

Blood Donation

There’s no more significant flex than knowing your own actions and choices have literally saved lives.

Seriously, after all the nonsense 2020 has thrown at us, the one thing I feel like we’ve come to realise more than anything is that being a kind, considerate and decent human being is the only thing that matters while we’re alive on this floating rock.

Donating blood is one of the easiest ways to guarantee your actions are having a positive impact on other people’s lives, and the legends over at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood have started something new that’ll sweeten the deal even further.

Working with Third Drawer Down, they’ve teamed up with a bunch of ultra-talented Aussie artists to design a brand-spanking-new range of bandages as part of their True Colours campaign, which is all about literally wearing your heart on your sleeve by showing off that you’ve taken part in the good deed that is donating blood.

The artists are Beci Orpin, Brian Robinson, Chris Nixon, Gemma O’Brien, Georgia Perry and Kenny Pittock, and they’ve all added their personal flair and style to each design, with some covered in bright and colourful, geometric patterns, while others rep pop culture icons like Astro Boy as part of their design – check a few of ’em out here.

Honestly, they’re so darn chic, I reckon wearing them after a blood donation is going to be the same sort of ~vibe~ as wearing your festival wristband for days after the party has ended. You feel me? Except when you look down at your arm, you’ll be able to reminisce on the lives you saved from a single donation, not losing your mate in the mosh/the crummy phone reception/ sunburn etc.

It’s the kind of humble brag I can get behind – a cheeky IG story of you wearing your bandage, subtly signifying that you’ve just helped the 1 in 3 Aussies who’ll require a blood donation in their life is the least toxic thing you could ever post to social media.

If you’re still unsure about why you should donate blood (or coughing up excuses because you’re a lil’ afraid of needles), here’s a short rundown about just how vital the service is.

In Australia, around 31,000 blood donations are required weekly to save the lives of seriously ill patients. Donated blood only lasts 42 days, and Lifeblood needs a new blood donor every 5 minutes to help meet demand.

Lifeblood is currently giving away the limited-edition bandages with blood and plasma donations until the end of November, so we highly recommend heading over to the Lifeblood website to book in for a session and check your eligibility to donate ASAP.

It’ll take up less than a lunch break, you’ll cop a well-deserved snack and an intricately designed bandage after donating blood. Sound good? Roll up your sleeves and get on it.